Fermentation Crocks

Enjoy the fruits of the harvest all year long by lacto-fermenting garden produce, fish and more in a handmade crock.

1 – 5 gallon sizes made to order: includes a pressure plate and lid.

Place your orders early in the growing season to ensure you have the size you need for the amount of produce, fish, and meats you will be fermenting, salting and preserving.

  • 1 gal –   $108
  • 2 gal –  $128
  • 3 gal – $148
  • 4 gal – $178
  • 5 gal – $198

allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from time of order. 50% deposit required.

Planters, Vases and crocks are all one of a kind. You can special order or inquire to what is currently available.

From time to time, I get on the wheel and throw porcelain cups. If you want some, let me know.

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